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Canine adenovirus type 2 (CAV-2) is a member of the adenoviridae virus family. CAV-2 leads to recessive or mild respiratory tract infection and may cause infectious laryngotracheitis and symptoms of pneumonia. The clinical features show persistent high fever, cough, serous to mucous nasal leakage, tonsillitis, laryngotracheitis and pneumonia and other respiratory symptoms. It often shows the highest morbidity and mortality rates in puppies less than half a year. CAV-2 can cause a cough in an entire population. CAV-2 is mainly transmitted through direct (nasal to nasal) and indirect contact with the nasal secretions of infected dogs. The virus replicates in ciliated bronchial epithelial cells, surface cells of the nasal mucosa, pharynx and tonsil recesses, mucosa of the bronchi, and alveolar type 2 epithelial cells. It can also replicate in the posterior pharynx lymph nodes and bronchial lymph nodes.