Creative Biolabs provides comprehensive information about protein expression for vaccine development and will help you choose the right expression system for your specific applications.

The development of highly efficient expression system is important to the manufacture of vaccines. Vaccine production may require relatively small quantities of expressed material but represent a very diverse category of different target antigens with significant structural differences. Thus, vaccine production requires production systems with very large outputs, which drives the quest for efficient and cost-effective systems.

Pathogen proteins need to be grown and harvested using the following mechanisms: a) The viruses are grown on primary cells such as chicken embryos or fertilized eggs, or on continuous cell lines such as cultured human cells; b) Bacteria are grown in bioreactors, which are devices that use specific growth media to optimize antigen production. Vaccine production techniques are evolving. Due to the lower incidence of pollution problems and higher productivity, non-conventional expression systems such as cultured mammalian cells are expected to become increasingly important compared to traditional methods such as chicken eggs.

Creative Biolabs provides not only traditional expression systems, including mammalian cells, yeast and E. coli, but also alternative systems such as transgenic animals, other bacteria than E. coli, plants and microalgae, insect cells, filamentous fungi, and cell-free systems.