2016 Social Bookmarking by secutor.info - continuous evolution http://2016.secutor.info/story.php?title=continuous-evolution Creative Biostructure now can provide the advanced custom phage-assisted continuous evolution service for researches in the field of protein evolution and engineering. Continuous evolution methods are developed recently to overcome some disadvantages of traditional protein evolution methods such as the requirements for discrete time- and labor- intensive steps during the construction and introduction of gene libraries, screening and selections, isolation of gene library members, etc. In continuous evolution methods, every steps of a protein evolution cycle can be performed continuously with Read More no need for manual intervention. Most of the continuous evolution experiments have selected for replicative fitness of hosts under a continuous dilution, and have been applied for various evolution targets such as bacteria genomes for faster replication speed and resistance to antibiotics. The continuous evolution methods significantly improve the efficiency of protein evolution assays, along with the number of steps in the sequence space that can be explored in the screening for desired optimal protein variants. Sun, 14 Apr 2019 07:33:30 UTC en